Saturday, March 10, 2012

How tall is Ian Somerhalder?

How tall is Ian Somerhalder?

Ian Joseph Somerhalder (born 8 December 1978 in Covington, LA) - american actor and film producer model. His parents worked at the construction site, the brother was a cyclist, and sister is a journalist. At age 10 he began working as a model in underwear advertising company for teenagers. He appeared in several television series including Lost, CSI, and movies such as Celebrity, Marco Polo, The Vampire Diaries. He is particularly sought after actor, because we can't speak of outstanding acting in his case. Ian is casted in the movies to simply look nice. He's far from actors such as Johnny Depp or Eddie Murphy, that not only look great on screen, but also have a talent for acting. Ian Somerhalder is 176 cm tall.

 Actors from "Vampire Diaries". Nina Dobrev is 165 cm and Paul Wesley178 cm.
Every entry's mandatory photo with bare chest. I do not understand why famous women, actresses do not pose for such photos.

Ian's girlfriends collection.
Ian is also really liked by gays. Just look at google graphics with content filter turned off to find a lot of fake photos of Somerhalder's genitals. Straight guys do not rather do such photomontages, which is completely understandable to me. Hence the application of these gays case. It is also possible that they are done by girls, Ian's fans, but it is less likely, because the handling of Photoshop rather transcends them.
 Vampire. Scary as hell.
 In his youth Ian looked like this.
Ian and Nina Dobrev, they played together in the "Vampire Diaries" and perhaps liked each other. Because finding a girlfriend or wife is easiest at your day job.

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